TTBTGH presents THREE great upcoming concerts!

You know that I am a passionate supporter of a wide variety of shows in and around town, but rarely have I been this excited to be part of such amazing upcoming shows. I must be brief, but must urge you to join me for:

Jesse DeNatale & Scott Nolan
Friday, September 24– West End Cultural Centre

I don’t even know where to start when trying to describe the music of Jesse DeNatale. Amazing lyrics, mesmerizing delivery, and just a wonderful spirit. And that’s just the beginning. One of the great unknown songwriters on the planet, Jesse’s songs will speak to you and move you with one listen, and you will become a fan, I promise. This is going to be a truly special show, with Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller opening the show and acting as Jesse’s backing band. I don’t throw out the superlatives in just anyone’s direction, but when it comes to Jesse, I can tell you, without a doubt, that this guy is amazing and you will be blown away. I promise. I’m proud to be hosting this very special evening, so I hope to see many of you there! 

Tune in Thursday on Steel Belted Radio for a LIVE appearance by Jesse and Scott. You’ll find out more about this incredible songwriter, and hear some of those great songs live. By then, you will be rushing to check out this show.


Next up is an event called “Night for Day,” featuring a stellar lineup of local folks paying tribute to our good pal Darren Day, before he leaves town in November! Darren is a fabulous musician (see his album “This Evening Tonight,” or his great live shows) who excels at a variety of styles and plays with some very talented folks. He’s also the host of Same Train, Different Time, Tuesday nights, 6-8 pm central, on CKUW 95.9 fm. If you like my shows, you should like Darren’s just fine, indeed. Darren also is (like us) a tireless promoter of great music, especially local music. He was behind The Other Brothers, Del Barber, and more, before I’d even heard of them. Darren knows his stuff. He also happens to be a pretty swell guy. So, with all of that in mind, loyal listener Dean planted the seeds of an idea to do something for Darren before he goes. Dean is on to something. We would like to invite you to join us for:

A Night for Day

Saturday, September 25– The Yellow Dog Tavern (386 Donald St.)featuring a variety of musical guests

Confirmed artists (so far) include Chris Neufeld and/or The Other Brothers, Mike Petkau (of les jupes, Record of the Week Club, Head in the Sand Records, the WECC, and much more), and hopefully a few tunes from Darren (I don’t think it’ll take much to convince him to jump onto a stage in front of a room full of people who love him, do you?) Get down there and wish the best to a guy who really deserves it.


And, a BIG event coming up at the Sunset Saloon:

John Wort Hannam trio
Saturday, October 2 – Sunset Saloon

I recently had a chance to see a preview of this show, and I simply cannot believe that this amazing group is going to be playing my living room. I was a huge fan of John’s the moment I saw him perform live, and he doesn’t need anyone else to amaze, but with the amazing players he’s got alongside him these days (Tyler Bird on upright bass and heavenly vocals, and Scott Duncan on fiddle), this is a truly mesmerizing show. John is truly one of the greatest, most underrated songwriters out there these days, but if all is right in the world, that will soon change. He’s influenced by the greats: Guy Clark, Townes, Prine, etc., and he’s got the songs and the power to stand alongside them. He’s a truly world class musician, and a truly classy guy. His show this evening was one of the most powerful I’ve seen in recent memory, as well as being wickedly funny and really entertaining. This show will have you dancing, laughing, crying, and wondering why this guy’s name isn’t on the tip of everyone’s tongues. I’m really, really excited about having this show in our living room, and I really hope you’ll join us. At the show several attendees asked to come see the show again on October 2, so come see what we’re all so excited about!

Whether you know us or not, all are welcome (tell your friends!) to visit my home and enjoy this amazing night of music. Our home is family friendly (we do have 3 kids, after all!) We’ll have Winnipeg’s best beer, St. James Pale Ale, on tap, FREE, as well as a dazzling display of snacks and beverages for you to enjoy. You’re welcome to bring a snack or beverage of your choice, or just enjoy what we have to offer. We suggest a donation to the artists of $15-20 per person, but it’s on the honour system, so pay what you can or what you think is fair. I’m sure that after seeing this show, you’ll see that it’s probably worth a lot more!

Please RSVP ( ) if you know you will be attending, but if you can’t say for sure until the last minute (as I did today!), just show up anyway!

Tune in to Tell the Band to Go Home THIS SUNDAY for a conversation and some live music from John & his band, as well as a talk & music featuring Danny Schmidt, from Austin, TX!

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