Magazines that matter

I still love to flip through a good music magazine, and although there seem to be fewer all the time, there are a few worth picking up still out there. Please, do me a favour and buy a copy of the ones still publishing so that I’m not the only one, and feel free to visit some that have moved online.

Still publishing (God bless ’em)
Penguin Eggs – Canada’s folk, roots, and world magazine
American Songwriter
Sing Out! (a little bit on the “folky” side for me, but they do cover some important ground, and they’ve been doing it for 50 years!)
Exclaim Magazine – FREE!
Canadian Musician (Is this one still around? I used to buy it occasionally, but it’s got tons of gear and playing tips and nerdy stuff that even I don’t care about, and I suspect musicians are too busy actually playing to read about this crap)

Online “magazines”
No Depression (formerly the greatest magazine ever, now annoying website that still has good content)
Paste Magazine (the latest to bite the dust, and one of the most disheartening. I thought they were “saved” by those of us dumb enough to give ’em money. They cover mostly hipster music, but some of it was great. Loved the sampler with each issue.)
Chart Magazine (Canadian. Lots of annoying content, but lots of good stuff, as well)
Driftwood (formerly Dirty Linen)

What else are we missing out on? PLEASE! if there are any others, post a comment!

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