TTBTGH & SBFRR random reminders

How can a guy who hasn’t worked in a whole month be so far behind? I know, poor baby. You all feel for me, I’m sure. I do have a few important things to remind/tell you about, so please bear with me:

This Thursday (tonight, yikes!) on Steel Belted Radio, we’ll be joined by Devin (Professor Nathan) Latimer will pop in to discuss the Trout Forest Music Festival. I loved the Regina Folk Fest when I first went, but lost interest after a while, largely because I discovered The Trout Forest. It is without a doubt, the best little festival in Canada. Bar none. Devin puts together an amazing lineup and interesting workshops, and the setting cannot be beat. This is the most laid-back, enjoyable weekend of the year for me, no doubt. I can’t wait, and would love it if you would join us. Tune in TONIGHT to hear more.

Also, he’s bringin’ the Mrs! Keri Latimer fronts the best band in the land, Nathan, but she’s also embarked on a very promising solo career. She’s playing Wednesday, Aug. 11 at Times Changed along with Trout performer Oh Susanna. Keri’s coming by to hype that, and hopefully sing us a few songs?

Then, on Thursday, August 12, I’m having the amazing Christina Martin play in my living room. It looks like this will be the first place that you can get copies of her brand new record, which doesn’t actually come out until September! I’ve got it, and boy, oh boy, is it good! Full details are below (again) just in case you didn’t get them when I sent my last email. I haven’t heard from some of you, and I don’t want you to miss out on what is sure to be one of the most amazing shows of the year! I’m trying to put together another charity music sale at the show, like we did last year, and I’ve got some really great stuff to unload. More details below.

If you want to hear some of Christina’s new CD, check out the Tell the Band to Go Home podcast from July 25. We premiered that new CD, played a whole lot of Neil Young covers, and, most exciting to me, it was the first opportunity for Jeremy to co-host the show, and I thought he did an amazing job.

In the self-serving, non-musical department:

Once again, I’ve registered for the MS Bike Tour, where ambitious folks ride their bicycles from Stonewall to Gimli. It’s all to benefit the MS Society of Manitoba. Multiple Sclerosis research has never been more exciting, and the need for your donations has never been more important. This is a cause near and dear to me, and one that I am proud to support. However… if truth be told, there is a chance that I might not actually do the bike ride this year for a variety of reasons (mostly because I feel so old and sore and last year’s ride damn near killed me), but I still want to raise money for the cause. If me riding is that important, just say so and I’ll get out there and train a bit, but hopefully you’ll consider donating a bit to the cause regardless. Please see my donation page: or email me for details. Your support means a great deal to me.

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s time I stopped putting this off and sent it out. Get back to me any time you have any questions/suggestions/whatever!

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