TTBTGH proudly presents: Two great shows in one great venue!

We here at the TTBTGH home office are still buzzing about the exciting house concert coming up on May 1, featuring our good friends and two of Manitoba’s finest singer/songwriters, The Other Brothers (who will be joined by unquestionably Manitoba’s finest pedal steel player, Bill Western). But when the opportunity came up to welcome back the man who christened The Sunset Saloon in such fine style, almost exactly one year ago, we jumped at it. So now, in addition to the previously announced show,

Tell the Band to Go Home and Steel Belted Free Range Radio are proud to present Brock Zeman, live in my living room, May 8, 2010!

Who: Brock Zeman joined by talented multi-instrumentalist Blair Hogan
When: May 8, 2010, 8 pm
Where: The Sunset Saloon
How Much: $15-20 donation (all proceeds directly to the talented artists)
Why? Because he was a huge smash success last year and because the guy is a legend in the making!

Last year, we were lucky enough to have one of Canada’s finest young singer/songwriters, Brock Zeman, christen our new house concert venue, The Sunset Saloon. His show was an energetic, amazing, entertaining night of music and everyone in attendance loved the show. Now, by popular demand, we’re bringing him back on May 8th. Along with multi-instrumentalist Blair Hogan, Brock is guaranteed to put on a show that you won’t forget.

Brock Zeman might be from Southern Ontario, but his sound is straight outta Texas. It harkens back to days when the greatest songs were lived and crafted. He might be young, but his spirit and songwriting wisdom belies his age. Over the course of 7 albums and countless tours, he has proven that heís got the talent and determination to make timeless music that matters.

Reserve your seat now, because this show is sure to be jam-packed. Email jeff @ to reserve your seat. Don’t be left out!


Tell the Band to Go Home and Steel Belted Free Range Radio are proud to present The Other Brothers, live in my living room, May 1, 2010!

Who: The Other Brothers (singer/songwriters Chris Neufeld & Donovan Giesbrecht, along with pedal steel whiz Bill Western)
When: May 1, 2010, 8 pm
Where: The Sunset Saloon
How Much: $15-20 donation (all proceeds directly to the talented artists)
Why? Are you kidding? Because it’ll be AMAZING!

It’s a crying shame that you likely haven’t heard of The Other Brothers (yet). In a world full of superficial music, theirs is real and deep and honest. It’s also a lot of fun. Sure, we’ll forgive these guys for not being out there gigging at every bar and coffee house around, they are full time teachers after all. When they do get together, it’s pure magic.

They’re not really brothers, but the way these guys harmonize, sing, and write together so seamlessly, you’d swear they were. With songs that are insightful, beautiful, interesting, and memorable, they have the material to stand alongside the greats, but it’s their live show that will really get your attention. Together they are funny, warm and charming. It’s a show you won’t soon forget. I know I still haven’t forgotten their sold-out CD release show at the Park Theatre a year ago. It was a real highlight of the year for me, and their album, Points of View was definitely one of this city’s finest CDs last year.

Chris and Don are both fine solo performers and recognized singer/songwriters in their own right. Chris came to our attention with the release of his great record Colorado Low in 2005 ( with great songs like “Told a Joke,” “Reinventing Miss Exciting,” and one of my favourite songs of that year, “Waterwheel,” the album launched Chris on to the scene in a big way. He went on to be featured on national radio on the CBC, he got to play festivals and concerts, and he won over a bunch of fans. Donovan hasn’t been at it quite as long, and he hasn’t taken the spotlight for himself that often (he’s more likely to help others, as he does as a co-founder of Winnipeg’s festival of Mennonite music and culture, Mennofolk,) but when he has, people have paid attention. Bill Western is a quiet, unassuming guy, but whenever he’s on stage, you can’t help but take notice. Whether it was with his own band, Carter Monrose or backing up folks like Nathan and many others, Western is a whiz with his pedal steel. Sure, he’s got the skills and the chops to really shine, but his playing is subtle and gorgeous, never detracting from the song it serves. He’s also a family man and a heck of a good guy. Together, this combination is even better than the already amazing sum of its parts.

You might not know them yet, but bring money for a CD, because you will leave this show a huge fan. I guarantee it. Check them out online or email me if you have questions. But whatever you do, don’t miss this show!

Join us for this very fun evening of music, fun, and friendship, May 1, 2010!

Bring a beverage of your choice, if you wish, but we’ll have all of the snacks and refreshments you might need. Once again, we will be offering an optional early-bird pot-luck dinner. PLEASE CONFIRM that you would like to join us for that.

Please CONFIRM YOUR SEAT ASAP. We will try to accommodate everyone, no matter how late the response, but I’m hoping that this will be a busy one, so try to ensure that you won’t be left out by letting us know NOW! You can prepay to reserve a seat, or just pay at the door. Our house is very family friendly, so feel free to bring the young ‘uns. We’re friendly folk, so whether you know us or not, you are welcome. Please pass this message along to anyone who might be interested.

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