TTBTGH: presents, this Sunday, a star-studded start to 2010!

2009 was a pretty good year overall, and a terrific year for music, but it’s over. Done. Finito. Now, it’s time for the future. Well, just about. Last Sunday KK and I went over our official best of lists, but if you’re one of those no-show kind of folks (ahem, T-Bar…), you missed it. Well, we’ve got ‘em for you below (and up at the blog, and soon up at

We’ve got one more official Best of 2009 show to do, and boy oh boy, you don’t want to miss this one. I can’t give away too much yet, but suffice to say this may be the most exciting, star-studded show in Tell the Band to Go Home in history. Seriously. I’m actually working hard, planning this one out for a change, and it’s going to be good. I guarantee it. We’ll hear from some of the many artists who rocked our world this year, and pay tribute to some other folks who really made 2009 special. Check it out this Sunday.

Here’s them lists:

Tell the Band To Go Home Top Twelve CDs of 2009

Wendy Bird – Natural Wonder – (Beaumont Classic)
Jim Bryson – Live at the First Baptist Church – (Kelp)
Rose Cousins – The Send Off – (Old Farm Pony)
The Damnwells – One Last Century – (Poor Man)
Ron Hawkins – 10 Kinds of Lonely – (self)
Lucero – 1372 Overton Park – (Universal Republic)
Madison Violet – No Fool for Trying – (True North)
Dan Mangan – Nice, Nice, Very Nice – (File Under: Music)
Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle – Let’s Just Stay Here – (Mint)
Romi Mayes – Achin’ in yer Bones – (self)
Leeroy Stagger – Everything Is Real – (Boompa)
Two Hours Traffic – Territory – (Bumstead)

2009 best live shows:

Top 10:

March 26 – Slaid Cleaves/Guy Clark – CFRUC
April 30 – Leonard Cohen – MTS Centre
May 27 – TTBTGH songwriters’ Circle – WECC
June 13 – Leeroy Stagger – StuDome
June 15 – Coldplay/Snow Patrol – MTS Centre
June 18 – Kasey Chambers/Shane Nicholson – Fargo Theatre
July 8 – Elvis Costello – Folk Fest
August 27 – Christina Martin/Steven Bowers – Sunset Saloon
Oct. 24 – Paul Quarrington tribute – Harbourfront (Toronto)
Dec. 6 – Sunparlour Players – Folk Exchange

Honourable mentions:

Jan. 10 – Bebop Cowboys/Nathan – Times Change(d)
March 25 – Tom Wilson – House concert
April 3 – The Other Brothers – Park
April 10 – Brock Zeman/Dan Walsh – Sunset Saloon
May 14 – Romi Mayes CD Release – Pyramid
June 30 – Al Green/Dirty Dozen – Concert Hall
Oct. 2 – Jesse DeNatale – Park
Oct. 24 – Skydiggers – Glen Gould Theatre (Toronto)
Nov. 25 – Royal Wood/Rose Cousins – Park
Nov. 27 – Silver Creek – The Standard

And, most importantly:

Tell the Band to Go Home fans of the year (in no logical order, and in no way a complete list):
Dietmar, Allison, Tonya, Eugene, KK, Jaine, Lucy, Zenon, Melissa, Ron, Rob, Laura, Dean, Art, Barb, Shelly, Oly, Laura, Stu, and everyone else who calls, sends emails, listens, comes to concerts, buys music, spreads the good word, lives a good life, etc.

We’ve still got a few Best of 2009 CD packages to give away. Email me if you’re interested in receiving CDs or downloading it yourself! Tons of great music on there for you to enjoy!

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