New Website, coming soon!

I built the Tell the Band to Go Home website myself on a whim a few years ago. I had all of these grand ideas for all of the great content that it would contain, and the ways in which it would change and get better. Then reality set in, and the site got neglected like oh, so many projects before. It’s been needing an overhaul for a long time, but I can’t really find the time or the creative spark to reinvent it in a way that makes sense. I’ve been thinking more and more about finding someone who could help me fix it up right, but I wasn’t sure who would undertake such a thankless proposition. Enter, KK’s brother Jason, who’s an all around good guy, and who, it seems, builds websites in his spare time. Who knew? Well, Jason’s hard at work trying to fix us up right, and I know that the inconvenience of having the site down for a while will be worth the wait. Stay tuned for our grand re-launch, coming soon. Thanks Jason and thanks to everyone who visited that old dinosaur of a site. Looking forward to brighter, better days ahead!

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