March FAR Report – #116

I’m part of this roots/folk/americana list called the FAR Report. Every month nerdy DJs like me send in their 6 favourite albums of the month and the head dude, John Conquest, makes up this list that’s supposed to represent what we’re really liking/playing. The funny thing is, most of the top albums on the list are absolute crap. I have a feeling I’m not the only one that votes strategically/politically. I try to give a boost to folks who I think deserve it, even when they’re not necessarily my favourites of the month. I also try to figure out what Stu & Terry are going to submit, because I love it when we get a Nathan or Romi Mayes high up on the chart, even though nobody else knows who they are. It’s kind of fun.

Anyway, here’s my list for this month. Take it with a grain of something:

FAR #116
Jeff Robson
Tell the Band to Go Home
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Artist: Album (Label) *JR

1. LeE HARVey OsMOND: A Quiet Evil (Latent Recordings) *JR
2. Romi Mayes: Achin’ in Yer Bones (self)
3. Antje Duvekot: The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer (Black Wolf)
4. Richard Shindell: Not Far Now (Signature Sounds)
5. Gurf Morlix: Last Exit to Happyland (self)
6. Jeffrey Foucault: Shoot the Moon Right Between the Eyes (Signature Sounds)


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