February 1, 2009

February has never been my favourite month of the year, so this show was designed to chase away the winter blues and warm our hearts. We started off with a set of songs in honour of the new month. This weekend’s episode of Austin City Limits reminded me what an incredible songwriter and performer Nick Lowe is, so we took a look at his amazing career for a while after that. And speaking of great pop/rock songwriters, Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens comes to town next week, and that’s reason to celebrate and look at some of his great songs. All in all, a pop-heavy, but happenin’ show for sure.

Unfortunately the station’s digital taper dealy broke down during TTBTGH, yet AGAIN, so the last half of the show is missing. Listen live when you can, because you just never know when that thing will go down…

part 1

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