Playlist: Episode #890, May 23, 2021 w/Joe Nolan

This past week Fly with your Shadow returned after an unplanned absence with a chat with our good friend Joe Nolan, and we had so much to chat about that it wouldn’t fit on that show, so I’ve got some bonus content on this show today as Joe tells us about his upcoming album and why he’s releasing it in a somewhat unconventional (but totally sensible) way. We’ve also got more great music, including another roundup of cover versions and some oddball releases that I love but not everyone will, and we end off with a set of songs about strength, faith, and hope, because a lot of us could use some of that right now!

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Chris Trapper – Overkill – frtyfve

Dylan LeBlanc – Never Tear Us Apart – single
Dylan LeBlanc – Gentle on My Mind – Pastimes
Teddy Thompson & Jenni Muldaur – Just Someone I Used To Know – Teddy & Jenni do Porter & Dolly: A Tribute to the Duets of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
Teddy Thompson & Jenni Muldaur – Just Between You and Me – Teddy & Jenni do Porter & Dolly: A Tribute to the Duets of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
Jenn Grant – 5 Days In May – single – CDN
Elliott BROOD – Runaway – single – CDN

DOSES – Break – single – CDN
Yaehsun & Dan Mangan – Windermere – single – CDN
John Murry – I Refuse to Believe (You Could Love Me) – The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes
Peter Bruntnell – You’d Make a Great Widow – Journey to the Sun
Lucy Dacus – VBS – Home Video

John Paul White + Rose Cousins – I Can’t With You – Artists in (Their) Residence

Joe Nolan – Dead Ends and Damaged Hearts – Cry Baby – CDN
Joe Nolan interview
Joe Nolan – Maybe We Didn’t Get Our Timing Right – Drifters – CDN
Sean Burns & Lost Country – My Old Self – Music for Taverns, Bars, And Honky Tonks – CDN – WPG

Willie P Bennett – Push On – Take My Own Advice – CDN
Bahamas – Stronger Than That – Bahamas Is Afie – CDN
Kim Richey – Strength In You – Glimmer
Josh Ritter – See Me Through – Bringing In the Darlings EP
Kris Kristofferson & The Borderlords – Don’t Let The Bastards (Get You Down) – Third World Warrior

Jay Sparrow – Stronger – White – CDN
Northcote – Stronger Than You Know – Hope Is Made of Steel – CDN
Frank Turner – Get Better – Positive Songs For Negative People

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