Playlist: Episode #884, Apr. 11, 2021

Today we start off with a tribute to friends old and new who have passed away over the past week in music history. I’m very late to the party in discovering Winnipeg’s own Kipp Kocay, and I’m sad that I didn’t seek him out before his untimely passing this week. We also fondly remember the music of John Bottomley, Jesse Winchester, and Merle Haggard. I ran out of time so didn’t get to John Prine, but certainly love and miss him as well. Hour 2 is all new music culled from new releases over the past couple of weeks, and there are some gems!

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

John Bottomley – You Lose And You Gain – Blackberry – CDN

Kipp Kocay – April – April and Other Months – CDN – WPG
Kipp Kocay – Don’t Love You – Knowledge of Love – CDN – WPG
Kipp Kocay – 90’s Song – April and Other Months – CDN – WPG

John Bottomley – The Healing Dream – The Healing Dream – CDN
John Bottomley – She Lay Down By the Water – Star In the Singing Grove – CDN
Wyckham Porteous – Song for John (Bottomley) (feat Sean Pugh) – live recording – CDN

Jesse Winchester – That’s What Makes You Strong – Live from Mountain Stage
Jesse Winchester – The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (1976 Version) – Step By Step
Buddy Miller – A Showman’s Life – Midnight And Lonesome
Skydiggers – Biloxi (There and Back Reissue 2000) – All of Our Dreaming: Live 1988, 2000 & 2012 – CDN

Merle Haggard – If I Could Only Fly – If I Could Only Fly

The Oldest Forest – I Learned Everything I Know About The Ocean From A Talking Seal – Step It Up – A Musical Palette Cleanser – CDN
The Oldest Forest – It’s A Heartache – single – CDN
The Teskey Brothers – Never Tear Us Apart – single
Danny Michel – Whole of the Moon – single – CDN
Josh Ritter – Sussex Ghost Story – The Good Lyre – Songs Of John Wesley Harding
Knob & Tube – Speaking Moistly – live recording – CDN – WPG

Kristel Snellen – Never Alone – single
Jade Jackson – 6FT Changes – single
Rosanne Cash – The Killing Fields (feat. John Leventhal) – single
Chloe Albert – Come Around Again – single – CDN
Suzie Ungerleider – Baby Blues – My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider – CDN

Mac Leaphart – That Train (Radio Edit) – Music City Joke
Dwayne Dueck – Hard as Nails – We Still Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do – CDN – WPG
Jeremie Albino & Cat Clyde – Been Worryin’ – Blue Blue Blue – CDN
Mike T. Kerr – Halfway (to Telephone, Texas) – Mother Trucker II: Lookin’ for a Back Door – CDN

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