New Show: Fly with your Shadow!

You may have heard me talking about this one a lot lately, but in case you missed it, I have a brand new show called Fly with your Shadow, and it’s available now!

The show is named after this fabulous song by the late, great John Bottomley:

I remember the sad, horrible feeling I had when I’d heard that John had died in 2011. I wrote about it here.

That feeling got much worse when I learned that he’d taken his own life. I wrote about that here.

That got me to thinking about a way to honour him and start a public discussion about mental illness. The new show is the realization of that dream. I’m really sorry that it took me 10 years, but I’m glad to finally get things going.

The first episode features a conversation with someone who’s certainly no stranger to this show, Leeroy Stagger. He’s been very open with his difficult past, struggles with addiction and finding his path to maintain his mental health. He had a lot of very interesting things to say and was the perfect guest for the first episode.

You can download the show here
or stream it here:

You can also subscribe to the show’s website here

Listen & subscribe on Spotify


and many more outlets to come very soon. I hope you’ll give it a listen and will enjoy. If you do, please help spread the word. Share the info with a friend or two. It would really help get the show out into the world.

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