Playlist: Episode #872, Jan. 17, 2021

Not a lot of new music these days, leaving time to celebrate two beloved Canadian musical institutions. Borealis Records has served the Canadian folk & roots community like no other label over the past 25 years, so it’s with a bit of sadness but a lot of gratitude that we pay tribute to the end of the road for founders Grit Laskin and Bill Garrett. Winnipeg’s beloved Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club is one of the most important musical breeding grounds in the country (world?) and it celebrates 20 years this week. John Scoles has stared down the end of the road and refused to quit many times and we’re looking forward to the eventual post-COVID resurrection of the club with a look back at some of the amazing moments from the past 20 years.

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

D.Rangers – We Stay High and Lonesome – We Stay High and Lonesome – CDN – WPG
Parker Millsap – The Real Thing – Be Here Instead
Lucero – Back in Ohio – When You Found Me
Matt Mays – Downtown – From Burnside With Love – CDN

Ryland Moranz – Run Rabbit Run – XO, 1945 – CDN
Leeroy Stagger – Run Rabbit Run – Love Versus – CDN
Matthew Ryan – Run Rabbit Run – Hustle up Starlings

Laura Smith – As Long as I’m Dreaming – As Long as I’m Dreaming – CDN
Ken Whiteley – Don’t Burn the Candle at Both Ends – Acoustic Eclectic – CDN
Doug Paisley – Transient – The Al Purdy Songbook – CDN
Ron Hynes – My Father’s Ghost – Stealing Genius – CDN
Jon Brooks – Gun Dealer – The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside – CDN

Andrew Neville – Honky Tonk Shangri-La – We Still Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do – CDN – WPG
Adrien Sala – Andrew Neville – Winnipeg: The High & Lonesome Years [Vol. IV] – CDN – WPG
The Perpetrators – Josco, Can I Have Another Shot Of Beam? – Winnipeg: The High & Lonesome Years [Vol. III] – CDN – WPG
Nathan – Stone – Winnipeg: The High And Lonesome Years Vol. II – CDN – WPG
Nathan – Temptation – Winnipeg: The High And Lonesome Years Vol. II – CDN – WPG
Sound Czech – The Chicken Toss Song – Winnipeg: The High & Lonesome Years [Vol. 1] – CDN – WPG

Scott Nolan Band – Chicken Flew – American Hotel – CDN – WPG
Kev Corbett – 12 Steps to Hell – recorded live on UMFM – CDN
The Sadies – The Times Change – Tales Of The Rat Fink: Original Soundtrack – CDN

Alana Levandoski – Don’t Be Denied – Borrowed Tunes II (a Tribute to Neil Young) out of the Blue – CDN – MB
Geoff Berner – The Way That Girl Drinks Beer – We Shall Not Flag or Fail, We Shall Go On to the End – CDN
Kris Demeanor & his Crack Band – Party All Night – Party All Night: Live at the Ironwood – CDN
NQ Arbuckle – In Another Time – Hanging The Battle-Scarred Pinata – CDN
Jack Marks – Exley’s Blues – Two Of Everything – CDN
Corin Raymond – Hard on Things – Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams – CDN

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