Podcast: July 12, 2020

Episode #845

This is the weekend when we’d normally be off in Germany enjoying our beloved Static Roots Festival, but alas, COVID has ruined everything. Luckily, we’ve got some new music from festival friends & past performers to enjoy. We’ve also got another batch of great new releases to tell you about, and there has been so many this year that I thought we’d take some time halfway through the year to play some songs from some of my favourite 2020 releases thus far.

download part 1

download part 2

Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Stephen Stanley – The Troubadour’s Song – (stay safe sessions – episode #003) – CDN
The Stephen Stanley Band – Things I Wish I’d Never Seen – Live Static Roots Oberhausen, Germany – CDN
Anna Tivel – The Question – (stay safe sessions – episode #002)
The Hanging Stars – I Woke Up in July – I Woke Up in July
John Murry – Intruder (Early Version) – The Resurrection Of John Quixano El Bueno

Kathleen Edwards – Hard On Everyone – Total Freedom – CDN
The Golden Seals – Options Open – single – CDN
Silver Clouds – The Maginot Line – Silver Clouds – CDN – WPG
Figure Walking – Last Dollar (Green July) – Vertical/Horizontal – CDN – WPG
The Jayhawks – Looking up Your Number – Xoxo
Craig Cardiff – Yellowknife – single – CDN

Oh Susanna – Sacrifice (Acoustic) – Sleepy Little Sailor (Deluxe Reissue) – CDN
Courtney Marie Andrews – How You Get Hurt – Old Flowers
Becca Mancari – First Time – The Greatest Part
Gillian Welch – Jackson – All The Good Times

Sean Burns – Gasoline – It Takes Luck To Get The Best Of Me – CDN – WPG
Joe Nolan – Maybe We Didn’t Get Our Timing Right – Drifters – CDN
Ken Yates – Easy Way Out – Quiet Talkers – CDN
Slow Leaves – Miss You – Shelf Life – CDN – WPG
Katie Pruitt – Expectations – Expectations

NQ Arbuckle – Love Songs For The Long Game – single – CDN
Melissa Payne – Darker Than Your Dark – Darker Than Your Dark – CDN
Campbell Woods – For You – Keeper – CDN
Ben de la Cour – God’s Only Son – Shadow Land

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