Podcast: June 9, 2019

Episode #793

A pile of new music today, including an exclusive new song from Matt Epp’s upcoming album, our usual roundup of great requests, memories of a fine show this weekend, and we look ahead to the upcoming reunion of one of my favourite live bands of all time!



Artist – Song Title – Album Title – CDN=Canadian – MB=Manitoba Artist – WPG=Winnipeg artist

Mike Plume Band – Steel Belted Radio – Steel Belted Radio EP – CDN
Mike Plume Band – If There Ever was a Fool – Song & Dance, Man – CDN
Mike Plume Band – Wind at my Back – Song & Dance, Man – CDN
Mike Plume Band – Walkin’ By – Fools for the Radio – CDN
Mike Plume Band – Promise Me You’ll Never Tell – Fools for the Radio – CDN
Mike Plume – Mike Plume Band – Looking for You (A Travelogue of Sorts) – A Drive Thru Record Volume II – CDN

Sweet Alibi – Crawling Back to You – Canada Covers Tom Petty – CDN – WPG
Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody – Slow Train Coming
Alana Levandoski – Don’t Be Denied – Borrowed Tunes II (a Tribute to Neil Young) out of the Blue – CDN – MB

Sarah Jane Scouten – Bang Bang – When the Bloom Falls from the Rose – CDN
The Small Glories – Secondhand – Assiniboine & The Red – CDN – WPG
Black Sea Dahu – In Case I Fall for You – White Creatures
Garda – Upper/Lower Water Course – A Heart of a Pro
The Deep Dark Woods – All The Money I Had Is Gone – Winter Hours – CDN
Joana Serrat – Western Cold Wind – Dripping Springs

Matt Epp – Can’t Hold a Flame – unreleased – CDN
Zachary Lucky – Raining In December – live recording – CDN
Scott Nolan – Bella Vista – single – CDN – WPG
Figure Walking – Blue World (Remix) – single – CDN – WPG
Anthony da Costa – Shadow Love (acoustic) – single
Charlie Whitten – Teacher Teaching – Tiny Horse
Stationwagon – Another Plan – Stationwagon
Liam Corcoran – I’m a Wreck – single – CDN

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