Jay Aymar & The Abercrombie Zombies at Sunset Saloon, June 16, 2016!


Tell the Band to Go Home & Steel Belted Radio proudly present:

Jay Aymar & The Abercrombie Zombies (jayaymar.com)
at The Sunset Saloon (house concert in Westwood)
Thursday, June 16, 2015
7:30 (SHARP! We’re trying to have the show done by 10)
Suggested donation $20-25 (price flexible, all proceeds to this talented musician!

If you wish, bring a drink for yourself, and/or a snack to share, but we’ve always got plenty of all of those on hand!

All are welcome (bring the kids, friends, family, people off the street, whatever)! Our house is family friendly (we’ve got 3 kids, a trampoline, and plenty of room, so feel free to bring the family), easy-going, friendly, and open to all! If you don’t know us yet, come on down and make some new friends!

Questions? RSVP? Fill out the contact form below! Forward this to a friend!

The Abercrombie Zombies are a bit of a Winnipeg supergroup! It’s comprised of Don Zeuff (D. Rangers), Tom “Twisty” Fodey (D. Rangers, Poor Choices, every other band in town…), and Shelley Marshall (Nathan!). Even if you don’t know Jay, that’s got to get your attention.
Jay Aymar is possessed by a serious case of wanderlust. This natural born storyteller criss-crosses this country like nobody else I’ve ever seen. And in his travels, he picks up stories all over the place and turns them into song. He’s even recently published a book (accompanied by gorgeous artwork and a live CD!)

Here’s what renowned music publicist and man of a million stories Richard Flohil has to say about it:

The first thing that occurred to me when I heard Jay was writing this book was: “It’s about time. There are lessons here, and information, and a righteous amount of laughter. I dare you to open this book, read any single paragraph and not laugh or cry. It’s filled with human stories from the perspective of someone who’s lived a very artistic life. You may not know him now, but when you’re through, you’ll feel like he’s part of the family. You’ll even find an accompanying live CD of twelve songs, their corresponding charts, lyrics and some amazing folk art to complement the package. It’s a time capsule of sorts.  Forever stamped “Aymar was here!” Be careful what you tell him though, as you just might find yourself the subject of one of his next tall tales.

Richard Flohil, 2015. (Richard Flohil has spent far too many years as a writer, editor, publicist and concert promoter in the Canadian music business.  So far, he has survived.)
Jay wrote a song about Don Cherry and his beloved wife Rose (with Don’s blessing and help), which Ian Tyson recorded and did very well with.  The man is charming, very talented, and very, very hard-working. We’re pleased to be taking this one over for our pal Gord at River City Social Club. We sure have had fun in his basement over the past few years, and hope to be able to do it again real soon.
Have a listen to some of Jay’s amazing songs:

Video Biography:

Feel free to fill out the contact form below if you have any questions or if you want to reserve your seat (your details aren’t public, just emailed directly to me.)

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