TTBTGH #600 Stats: Most Played Albums

We’re taking a look back at our first 599 episodes and tallying up our most played albums, songs, and artists.

Our last set of comprehensive stats was compiled around the event of our 10th anniversary on air. Those numbers from 2012 can be found here.

Out of all of the 15297 songs we’ve listed since the show began in 2002, we’ve played 12% local content and a full 58% Canadian!

(you can view the full spreadsheet and crunch the numbers yourself or look for your favourite here)

Here are the albums that we’ve played from the most:

# of Plays Album Can-Con WPG
51 The North Side Benches – Jim Bryson CDN
46 Jimson Weed – Nathan CDN WPG
45 Love Songs for the Last 20 – Del Barber CDN WPG
45 Torn Screen Door – David Francey CDN
43 Curious Heart – Michael Johnston CDN
42 40 Days – The Wailin’ Jennys CDN WPG
39 Matt Mays – Matt Mays CDN
36 Hanging the Battle Scarred Pinata – NQ Arbuckle CDN
35 Failer – Kathleen Edwards CDN
34 Headwaters – Del Barber CDN WPG
34 Step Inside this House – Lyle Lovett
34 The Here in Review EP – JP Hoe CDN WPG
32 High or Hurtin’ – Blackie & The Rodeo Kings CDN
32 Key Principles – Nathan CDN WPG
32 The Unavoidable Truth – Reid Jamieson CDN
32 Two Hearts – Christina Martin CDN
31 Kings of Love – Blackie & The Rodeo Kings CDN
31 Reconstruction Site – The Weakerthans CDN WPG
31 The Occasionals – Jim Bryson CDN
31 The Waking Hour – David Francey CDN
31 Tryin’ To Start Out Clean – Willie P Bennett CDN
30 Shakespeare My Butt – The Lowest of the Low CDN
29 Land of Milk & Honey – Eliza Gilkyson
29 XOK – NQ Arbuckle CDN
27 Left & Leaving – The Weakerthans CDN WPG
27 On the Floor of Heaven – The Blue Shadows CDN
27 Sweet Something Steady – Romi Mayes CDN WPG
27 Tell the Band to Go Home – Paul MacLeod CDN
27 The Lights Behind – Shannon Lyon CDN
27 Wandered – Shannon Lyon CDN
26 Back to Me – Kathleen Edwards CDN
26 Legend – Townes Van Zandt (Best of collection)
26 Maintenance – Greg Macpherson CDN WPG
26 Stranger – Nathan CDN WPG

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