Penguin Eggs Best of 2013 Poll

Penguin Eggs is one of the last remaining great music print magazines. Every year editor Roddy Doyle assembles a panel of music industry folks, festival bookers, and media know-it-alls like me. It was tough this year because the list was due so early, but also because for a change there weren’t a whole lot of stellar standouts to choose from. There were a few other albums that were in the running, and the list may change before the final year-end list (once I’ve remembered a bunch of releases that weren’t considered for this list), but as of now, here’s what I submitted for the Penguin Eggs poll:

Albums of the Year, 2013:

Dustin Bentall & The Smøkes, You Are An Island (Aporia)
Express & Company, Ontario (Seventh Fire)
David Francey, So Say We All (Laker)
Jason Isbell, Southeastern (Thirty Tigers)
Lynn Miles, Downpour (Independant)
John Moreland, In The Throes (Last Chance)
David Myles, In The Nighttime (Turtlemusik)
Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller, North/South (Transistor 66)
Corin Raymond & The Sundowners, Paper Nickels (Local Rascal)
Leeroy Stagger, Truth Be Sold (Gold Lake)

Discoveries of the year:

Express & Company
July Talk
Sean Rowe

Roddy compiles all of the “Best Of” lists and assigns each album points to come up with the critics’ pick for album of the year. I can almost guarantee that Francey and Miles will be the top two on the list. I’m going to guess that Lynn comes out on top. I can also guarantee that none of my picks will turn out to be “Discovery of the Year.” Check back here later in the year to see whether I actually do know all or not.

Apologies to any friends/talented folks who didn’t make this particular dorky list. These things are kind of ridiculous by nature, so not making this list means absolutely nothing.

I’d love to know your favourites from the year! Please consider leaving a comment with your list/suggestions/comments/mockery below!

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