TTBTGH/SBFRR/Sunset Saloon News & Reminders!

Greetings friends!

I just came back from a fabulous vacation in Southern Ontario (more on that later), but I’m excited to be back, because there are some exciting things on the horizon:

This Thursday on Steel Belted Radio, we’ll be joined live in-studio by a hot new band called Pistol George Warren. They’re a crazy mashup of R & B, Motown, and old skool Rock n’ Roll (there’s definitely a real Stones swagger). It’s been called a party on the stage, and they’ll bring the party to the perfect home for such things, Times Change(d) that night, but they’ll bring all 8 band members (!) by UMFM for a free preview first! You won’t want to miss that.
Check ’em out:
Here’s fun video for one of their latest:

While I was in Ontario, I got to spend a few days at the home of our next performers at The Sunset SaloonTannis Slimmon andLewis Melville are not only extra-talented musically, they are also two of the most down to earth, kind, generous, wonderful people on the planet. They exude joy and peace and love and all kinds of wonderful things. If you’re a fan of great music or great people, they’ve got you covered. I’d be really pleased to introduce you to these two on August 14, when they play The Sunset Saloon.

And don’t worry; if you were following the news, you know that some really terrible stuff went down in our neighbourhood last week. Unspeakable tragedy and sadness. I’m glad to say that the saga is over, the police tape is gone, and things are starting to brighten up around here. It does make me want to tell you all how much I genuinely appreciate your support of the radio shows and the house concerts, and for just being out there and willing to pay attention to these ramblings.

That horror also has me more convinced that we all need to pay attention to each other, and help out where we can. If someone around you seems extra sad or edgy or not quite right, we need to support and encourage those around us to find out what might be wrong, and get the help we need. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life, and while it’s not ever easy for me to talk about it or reach out for help, I have benefitted greatly from other people asking me if I’m ok, or encouraging me to see a doctor. It’s nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be ashamed of, and if treated properly, nothing to worry about. It takes time and care, but even those most troubled can live good lives with the right support and treatment. So many of my musical friends and idols have struggled with these issues, and some great music and art has come out of it. Unfortunately though, some of those people have been lost to their troubles, like the late, great John Bottomley (here were my thoughts at the time: I know there’s never an easy answer, but if we watch out for each other and show the right support and encouragement, lives can be saved.

Holy! I thought this was a music newsletter, promoting happy things! Check out the Upcoming Events page for lots of shows that will make you happy: I’m really looking forward to the Gimli Alternative Folk Festivalthis weekend, and The Trout Forest Music Festival the weekend after that! We’ll have more news soon on upcoming Sunset Saloon shows, so tune in to the radio shows or watch your email inbox for more passionate ramblings! (although, if you’re interested in hosting a house concert with Animal PartsChris Trapper, or Liam Titcomb, let me know! I can set you up!)

Enjoy the rest of your summer (as cold as it might currently be…), be good to each other, and get out and enjoy yourself!


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