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Last month, TTBTGH & SBR were proud to present Murdoch & Sparrow at Sunset Saloon, and not only was it a terrific show, but the guys were perhaps the nicest folks to ever share their songs in our living room. It was truly a wonderful way to end off a busy year at the Saloon.

Unfortunately, it was such a busy time that many of our regulars couldn’t make the show. Those who were in attendance were quick to snap up copies of the duo’s live album and their respective solo discs, but if you missed out, consider discovering a bit of what you missed out.

Jay Sparrow was also doing a lot of talking on that trip about his new project, Record Mob, which allows fans to be a part of the process of spreading great music by setting up their own online stores and sharing in the promotion and profits. We’re big fans of both of those things ’round here, so we’ve set up a store where you can download great music AND help a cash-strapped radio dork at the same time!

Check out our store at Record Mob:

MurdochSparrowcdHere’s the link to download “Dominion Day” by Murdoch & Sparrow:

And here’s one to Jay Sparrow’s magnificent solo release, White. It’s a little different, but I promise you, once you get into it, you’ll be glad you did:

And check out this great article about Jay Sparrow and his new release. I thought I knew the guy pretty well after spending some time with him at my house, but in reading this I learned a lot of things. Highly recommended:

There will be a series of videos based on Jay’s new album, so there will be more to come, but here are the first ones:

And, some memories of the show at Sunset Saloon on Nov. 21

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