Shannon Lyon @ Sunset Saloon – July 18, 2012

I’ve been a Shannon Lyon fan since I first heard his album Wandered almost a decade ago. Since then, he’s written some of my favourite songs in the world. They’re gritty, dark, often sad, sometimes beautiful and celebratory, always amazing. So it was with great excitement that I put together plans to bring him to Winnipeg for a couple of shows.

Well, things don’t always go as planned. One show got cancelled, and the other got moved at the last minute. There was some scrambling to rearrange the show date, and unfortunately that meant that some folks couldn’t make the show. We also knew that some other friends wouldn’t be able to make the show, because they’re a little too far away.

And so, in an attempt to make all those who missed out feel like they were there, and to have a permanent record of what turned out to be an amazing night for all in attendance, I wanted to record a bunch of the show.

With that in mind, I present the following video and audio of the show. None of the recordings are particularly spectacular. I thought I had all bases covered by using two audio recorders, but both ended up with some problems – one was too distorted and the other (which you’ll find here) has some noise (I think Carter was kicking the table that the recorder was sitting on). Oh well, it’s not meant to be a proper live album or a totally accurate reflection of Shannon’s amazing talent.

For those, I highly encourage you to look up his official sites: – at this site, you can download a lot of Shannon’s work over the years. Most people download it for free. Good people make a donation in return. Be a good person, eh.

Shannon Lyon
July 18, 2012
@ Sunset Saloon

You Showed Me HOw
Get Over You
Someday Mourning
Olde Freightliner
Pleasing You Pleases Me
Oh Why
Backyard Song
Carry Me Down
Lake Huron
I Believe In You
Sad Nights
Since I’m Loving You
Three Days of You

Apparently, there were a couple of great songs left over for an encore, but our crowd was a little too polite, and I was a little too quick to jump up and signal that the show was over. For that, I am eternally regretful. Oh well, we’ll do better next time.

download show audio


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