Best of 2011 Compilations!

Here, at long last, is our 10th annual compilation of music that really matters. Each year we go over the huge pile of new releases and put together our own little time capsule(s), and since it’s so much work and since you’ve been such wonderful folks all year, we share it with you.

Below are the links to download your own copy of this year’s discs. As usual, there’s a mellower, folkier disc, a more rockin’ upbeat disc, a collection of the great live performances we’ve put on air this year, as well as a bunch of extra stuff that just wouldn’t fit on the CD version. Don’t forget to download the liner notes and cover artwork, because we’re especially proud of our graphic design skills this year.

[download id=”81″]
[download id=”82″]
[download id=”83″]
[download id=”84″]
[download id=”85″]


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