May 22, 2011

We kick things off with a birthday tribute to our namesake, Paul MacLeod, which prompted him to give us a call and chat for the first time in a long, long time. We also played some tunes in honour of ol’ Bobby Dylan’s upcoming B-Day. Surprisingly, he didn’t call us. Oh well. We heard some new music, some timely music, and all kinds of other great stuff!

part 1
part 2


May 22, 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Jeff – Took a day off today and while relishing in solitude, I was going through archived shows. Had to listen to May 22nd as I’m a huge Dylan fan. Loved the whole show of course, but also got turned on to Dylan I’d never heard before, Wedding Song. Great! And to wrap it up with OCMS. Love it! Anyway, I missed Ron when he headed to Fargo last week, but I’m under good authority that a Warped 45 disc is waiting for me in the lake country next time I head that way. I always try to stay up to date listening to posted shows online. Thanks for always bringing something new I love everytime I listen. Laura

    • Great to hear from you Laura. Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed the show. I’m still enjoying the disc you send my way, so and I’m sure you’ll like the one I gave Ron to send your way. Keep in touch, JR.

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