We still miss you, Willie P

February 15 is the third anniversary of the death of one of our guiding lights on Tell the Band to Go Home, the great Willie P. Bennett. If I can do one good thing with this show, and in the world in general, it’s to share Willie’s music and let people know how amazing it is. Sadly, you still can’t buy it ANYWHERE (a heinous crime that the RCMP needs to relentlessly pursue), so hearing it on TTBTGH is one of your only avenues.

Today, we will do our duty and play you a bunch of songs by and about Willie.

We’ve posted a few things about Willie since he’s been gone. I thought it might be fun to provide links to them here:

One for Willie. I wish that I didn’t have to do this show, because man, do I miss the guy, but I think that given the fact that we all gotta go some time, I think we paid him a proper tribute. With some words from his friends and fans, and a bunch of great music, this may be my favourite episode of TTBTGH of all time. It’s certainly my most planned and passionate episode, and I hope that you might listen and enjoy it (again?).

My thoughts on hearing that Willie had died.

On that sad silence at the Fred Eaglesmith show

Our Willie tribute (and Valentine’s Day show), 2009

Our Willie tribute (and Valentine’s Day show), 2010

Our Willie tribute (and Valentine’s Day show), 2011

Fred Eaglesmith, performing Willie’s classic “Country Squall” live at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg

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