You CAN judge a CD by its cover!

Here at Tell the Band to Go Home, we’re fortunate enough to get a lot of talented artists sending in CDs in the hopes that we’ll spin their music and make ’em rich and famous. Unfortunately, we’ve never made anyone rich and famous (especially ourselves), but we do our best to keep spreading the good word.

Unfortunately, among those talented artists who send in music, we also get a HUGE steaming pile of poo. There are so many bad CDs in the world, and somehow, many of them make their way into our mailbox. Don’t worry, I would never subject you to some of the garbage I get in the mail (well, we used to play some of it on Steel Belted Radio around New Year’s, but KK’s got a conscience and says we shouldn’t do it any more).

I hate listening to bad music more than almost anything. As our friends at Six Shooter Records say, “life’s too short to listen to shitty music.” Couldn’t agree more. It pains me to have to sit through even a couple of songs from a real stinker, so I have had to develop a way of separating the winners from the losers without even listening. As shocking as it might sound, while you might not be able to judge a book by its cover, you can almost always judge a CD by its cover. Anyone who goes to A Man Named Wrycraft to have his artwork done, or takes the time to do it right on their own or through someone else, cares enough to put out a good product. Dude who takes a picture of himself by the barn and uses MS Paint to put a title on it does NOT deserve to be heard. Plain and simple.

And so, when I saw this “artwork” online today, I knew it was a perfect example of something that you NEVER want to listen to!
File this under the category of "crimes against CD artwork!"
Seriously, Claudette, do your family a favour and find yourself a less public way of embarrassing yourself! If you really do think you have talent (and I doubt that) put some effort into it! This looks terrible, so it’s got to sound terrible!

There are a million of ’em out there, I’m afraid. Look at this guy. This dude is (apparently) talented. He has a good publicist, some famous fans, and gets some attention from some decent people. However, I can’t, and won’t, take his music seriously while he’s putting out CDs with covers like this:

The worst part is that this isn’t dude’s first foray into the world of “crimes against CD artwork.” Look at his last CD:

Again, if you care about your music, and want people to listen to it, care enough to put a decent cover on the CD. Otherwise, some higher-than-thou radio nerd just might make fun of you on his website or his year-end radio show. Just ask David and Claudette!


After writing that rant, I got in the mail perhaps the most ridiculous looking CD yet.

Boys, I’m just trying to help, honest. Get jobs. Quick.

Why would I want to listen to something that looks like that???

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