TTBTGH & SBFRR present a Super-Sized Steel Belted Sunday this week!

Well friends, the holidays are just about over as many of us head back to the real world on Monday. With that in mind, there’s still time for one last super-sized music extravaganza this Sunday. And, because the calendar wasn’t kind to us on Thursdays this year, we haven’t yet had a chance for our Steel Belted marathon of silliness. So, this weekend, we combine ‘em both into one action packed show.

We’ll be on this Sunday from 12-5, and T-Bar and KK are expected to drop in. We’ll have “Best of” lists and music aplenty, as well as some memories of some stuff that we might rather forget.

Speaking of the “Best of” we’ve still got a stack of Best of 2009 CDs here. The folks who responded to the survey should have theirs now (well, almost all of ‘em, anyway), but we’re still glad to send a few more out into the world. Either fill out the survey and LEAVE YOUR NAME (, or, just respond to this email, call in during the show, take out a billboard, whatever works for you. For those who might not be aware, every year for the past 8 years I compile a CD (two, actually) of some of my favourite music of the year, as well as some live on UMFM recordings and some other fun stuff, as my gift to you. If you’re an iPod/.mp3 listener, we’ve got the full thing on one handy CD, or you can download the entire package at your leisure. Whatever suits you, just let me know and it’s yours to enjoy! If you know anyone who might like in on that, just ask for an extra copy or let me know who to send one to and we’ll make it so.

Hope you can join us for some fun this Sunday. Drop me a line any time. Thanks for being out there,


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