August 17, 2008

Next week TTBTGH will be pre-recorded because I’m taking part in the MS Society’s bike tour, where I’ll be riding my bike from Stonewall to Gimli and back again to raise money for the thousands of Manitobans living with Multiple Sclerosis, and their friends and family members like me. The MS Society does great work to help, educate, and fund research into this terrible disease, and I’m committed to doing whatever I can to help them out. To that end, I brought in a box of CDs, DVDs, books, etc. and had my very first radio auction where listeners called in “bids” for the items. All money bid is donated directly to the MS Society, so you’re doing a good deed and getting some good stuff at the same time. We played an hour of music from some of the items up for bids, and an hour of great new music.

part 1
part 2

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