I’m always interested in trying to make Tell the Band to Go Home as interesting and relevant to you as possible, so I would appreciate some feedback. I love to hear from you any time about what you like, don’t like, wish we’d do more, etc., so here’s your chance.

Also, planning is well underway for this year’s Best of compilations, and again, making those as relevant and useful to you as possible is definitely important.

You can fill out the survey anonymously if you wish, but if you fill in your name at the end, you will be entered into a draw for a CD prize pack. You can also request your FREE copy of this year’s compilation CD at the same time.

You are welcome to answer this survey ANONYMOUSLY if you like. If you don’t put a name/address on the bottom, I will never know who you are. I do appreciate knowing who you are, so feel free to put your name on it, but you are welcome to leave your name off. NOBODY other than me will EVER see your information, name, address, etc., so no harm will come of this. The results and information are secure and secret, I PROMISE. All questions are optional, as well, so just answer the ones you are comfortable answering.

Thanks for your help!

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