Guy Clark – Live in Winnipeg, April 5, 2009

When one of the greatest songwriters of all time comes to town for a rare appearance, you know I’m going to be there front and centre, and since I’ve got a bad memory and he may not ever come back, … Continue reading

Martin Sexton – Live in Winnipeg

Were you at the Martin Sexton concert last week? Whether you were or not, you may be interested in revisiting what you saw or missed. Lucky for you, I had my recorder handy: … Continue reading

Super Sized Steel Belted Radio – Thursday at 6 pm!

This week’s Steel Belted Radio has all of the makings of a classic, and unfortunately, all of the foreshadowing of a disaster: First up, we’re starting at 6 tomorrow to cram it all in. At 6, we are hoping to … Continue reading

Guy Clark in Winnipeg

’twas a marvellous evening. Even better than I expected. I hope to find more time to write about it at length, but until then, check out some photos at:, and even better, check out the video of “The Randall … Continue reading

New Music tonight on SBFRR

Well, that’s my plan, anyway, but anyone who’s ever heard Steel Belted Radio knows that things never really go as planned… I’m currently fixated by the new CD from our friend Leeroy Stagger. This kid’s been on my radar for … Continue reading

One to check out – Lucero

I’m finding myself really impressed and slightly obsessed with a band called Lucero at the moment. I first looked them up a couple of years ago when NQ Arbuckle covered one of their songs at the Trout Forest Music Festival. … Continue reading

This Sunday on TTBTGH – The Other Brothers

At long last we’ll be visited once again by Chris Neufeld. You may recall (although it’s been a long time) that Chris was on the show years ago and wowed us with his great CD, “Colorado Low.” Since then, he’s … Continue reading