Playlist – October 23, 2014

It’s Pledge-O-Rama time once again! All year long we try to give you, the listener, the best music, interviews, and information. One week a year, we rely on you to help us, and the time has come. We’ve got lots to give away, lots to celebrate, and some very special guests along to sing for your pledges! There’s a brand new supergroup in town called Leaf Rapids, which is made up of Devin & Keri Latimer (of Nathan) and Scott Nolan & Joanna Miller! They’re here to play publicly for the FIRST TIME EVER! Now there’s something worth supporting!

Artist – Title – Album

Nathan – Casserole – Casserole
Scott Nolan – Drive Day – Montgomery Eldorado
Oh Susanna – Cottonseed – Namedropper
Andrew Combs – Emily – live recording
Kaizers Orchestra – Whiskey Rabbi – Festival Man
Little Green Cars – My Love Took Me down to the River to Silence Me – Absolute Zero
Brock Zeman – Dreamland Motel – Rotten Tooth
Amelia Curran – I Am the Night – They Promised You Mercy

Leaf Rapids interview

Leaf Rapids – Galaxie 500 – live performance
Leaf Rapids – Healing Feeling – live performance


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