Steel Belted Pledge-O-Rama Spectacular this Thursday, Oct. 23!

Thanks to all who have supported UMFM‘s Pledge-O-Rama thus far. We’ve been pleased with the response overall, and we’re nearing our goal. We’re really lucky to have such generous and devoted listeners, so thanks to you!

Special thanks to the folks who dropped by the studio on Sunday. That sure makes things even more fun, so it was nice to see some friendly faces and boost our spirits.

There’s still plenty of room for more donations heading into Thursday’s Steel Belted Free Range Radio. If you haven’t had a chance to make a donation yet, fear not, we’ll be more than happy to take it any time. You can call 204-474-6610, email me or pledge@umfm.comto make arrangements, or visit to pledge online. Little known fact, but one that you might be interested in knowing, if you donate via that page, there is a fee that comes out of using an online payment service, so we don’t see every dollar of your donation. If you want every penny to go to us, call the line, fill out a pledge form, or come see us at UMFM.

Thursday, we’ll pull out all the stops in an effort to get in those last minute donations. I’m putting the big prizes from the prize box on the line as well as some new ones. I’ve also called in some special guest reinforcements!
Join us to be among the first to hear Leaf Rapids, a new project headed up by Keri Latimer and Devin Latimer, and backed up by none other than Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller! That’s a superstar lineup, right there! They’ve been rehearsing and preparing for this show, and I am so excited to hear it and so thankful that they’ve made this effort and commitment. Now all you have to do is tune in or drop by and enjoy!

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