Playlist – November 19, 2015

Just after the beginning of this show, the sad news arrived that one of Canada’s finest songwriters had died. All that could be done from there was to stop what we were doing and play a whole pile of amazing songs from this Canadian legend. He may be gone, but his songs will never be forgotten.

Artist – Title – Album

Lynn Miles – What if You Were a Refugee – single
Ron Hynes – Sonny’s Dream – Face to the Gale
Ron Hynes – Man of a Thousand Songs – Cryer’s Paradise
Ron Hynes – Godspeed (Requiem for Gene MacLellan) – Face to the Gale
Ron Hynes – Record Man – Get Back Change
Ron Hynes – Dry – Ron Hynes
Ron Hynes – No Change in Me – Get Back Change
Ron Hynes – The Final Breath – Face to the Gale
Ron Hynes – Story of my Life – Cryer’s Paradise
Ron Hynes – St. John’s Waltz – Face to the Gale
Fred Eaglesmith – Drive-in Movie – Drive-in Movie
NQ Arbuckle – Sun’s Hanging Low – The Last Supper in a cheap Town
The Damnwells – She’s the NYC Skyline – demo
William Prince – Earthly Days – Earthly Days
David Francey – The Waking Hour – The Waking Hour
Oh Susanna – Loved You More – Namedropper

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