Playlist – April 20, 2017

Today the news (and our hearts) broke about Jimmy Lafave’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Jimmy has been a favourite and a guiding force for years, so we’re taking this one kind of hard. We console ourselves with plenty of Jimmy’s music today, before picking things up with some new & fun music.

Artist – Title – Album

Jimmy Lafave – Walk Away Renee – Austin Skyline
Jimmy Lafave – Only One Angel – Austin Skyline
Jimmy Lafave – I Walk Along with You – Buffalo Return to the Plains
Jimmy Lafave – Sweetheart like You – Buffalo Return to the Plains
Jimmy Lafave – Give your Sweet Love to Me – Highway Trance
Jimmy Lafave – Buckets of Rain – Road Novel
Jimmy Lafave – Emotionally Yours – Texoma
Jimmy Lafave – This Land – Cimarron Manifesto
Jimmy Lafave – The Beauty of You – Night Tribe
Wyckahm Porteous – Looking for Ground – Looking for Ground
Wyckahm Porteous – Jimmy Lafave – In this World
Wyckahm Porteous – In this World – In this World
John Bottomley – You Lose and you Gain – Blackberry
Leeroy Stagger – Enemy Inside – Love Versus
Mike Edel – Blue Above the Green – India, Seattle
Mayhemingways – End up this Way – Hunter St. Blues
Del Barber – Walking in a straight Line – Prairieography
Del Barber – Everything Is not Enough – Headwaters


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