New Matthew Ryan + Good Cause = Double Win

MRAnthemBrokenIt should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this show that we’re super excited about new music from Matthew Ryan. He’s definitely one of the most played artists on the show, and for good reason; he writes some of the most powerful, personal, amazing songs we’ve ever heard.

But this time around, there’s even more reason to be excited and to encourage you to buy his new song. He’s got an album coming out later on, but decided to do an early release of a song as a way of benefiting a dear friend of his, John Anderson, who’s nearing the end of his battle with ALS. It’s expensive and extra difficult to have such a debilitating disease in the U.S., so on top of the amazing toll it’s taking on John and his wife on an emotional and personal level, they’re having a hard time making ends meet as well. I can’t imagine how tough that all must be.

“How can it be that you can do everything right and still end up emotionally devastated and financially destroyed? My friend John Anderson and his wife Amanda are monuments to this truth.”- Matthew Ryan

With some luck and support, John and his wife won’t have to worry quite so much. Every dollar raised from the sale of the song goes directly to them to help make life a little easier. The song costs $1, but if you can see it in your heart to pay more, you’ll be making things that much better. If you can pay more and encourage others to buy it, well, things just get more amazing all the time.

As with most Matthew Ryan songs, it took me a few listens to really appreciate how amazing the song is. If you don’t love it right away, give it time, and I promise you will. Every listen is an investment you’ll get back many times over.

I hope you’ll check out the song, support as much as you can, and spread the good word.

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