Hot Pick – Shannon Lyon

Shannon Lyon
Broken Things
Busted Flat Records

Shannon Lyon has been a Steel Belted favourite for almost a decade now, since the release of his breakthrough album “Wandered” back in 2003. Since then, he’s continually written some of the most powerful and memorable songs around. He reminds us a lot of Matthew Ryan in his diversity and his way of dealing with darkness and despair in a way that’s anything but a downer. He can do all-out rock & roll and touching and tender ballads, as well as everything in between. Lyon is a pretty prolific guy and has touched on a lot of genres over the years. This latest album sees him in a moody, laid back mode contemplating live, love, and the “Soul of the World.” Recorded near the end of his residency in Holland, where he spent about 12 years recording and performing, and just before his recent return to Canada, where he was born, it’s clear that this album marks an ending, and a longing for a new beginning. It’s surely a culmination of a lot of living and learning over those years, and a look ahead to new adventures. It’s an album full of longing, but hope and happiness, as well. It’s self-produced and largely self-performed (he only brought in two other players, the gorgeous voice of Elly Kellner, and a keyboard player named Mike Roelofs,) so the personal, reflective quality of the songs really shines through. And they are powerful, memorable songs that we’ve come to expect from this great writer. This one might take a few listens to really hit a first-time listener, but we assure you, it’s well worth the repeat listens.

The album was originally released as a pay-what-you-want download on Lyon’s Band Camp site, but has now been released on CD by Shannon’s long-time Canadian label, Busted Flat. The folks at Busted Flat are good music-loving sorts, and well worth supporting.

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